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#musicmonday No. 2 – Ambient by Earlyguard

Ambient isn’t for everybody, I know. Not everybody wants to deal with rhythmless, slowly floating electronic music, without familiar patterns (let’s say ABACAB), without hook lines, without lyrics to sing along with. But sometimes it’s just what I need: Sheer sounds with no (or almost no) ornament, only to listen to and to explore.

One of my favourite ambient artists (oh, I have quite a few, don’t you worry, guys!) is Thomas Frühwacht from Dortmund/Germany aka. Earlyguard. I simply love his »slowly and tenderly evolving, soothing, almost healing sounds«, as I described them  before in my review of his Haiku-release.

But there is more than his excellent »Haiku« release (which I strongly recommend). Now, if you’ve already followed my advice and have downloaded Haiku, you may want to continue with his very charming EP »Far Out«, which he has produced with his daughter Melina (!) and his most recent release to date, »The Gaia Theory«. Listen for example to this enchanting track:

Earlyguard - The Gaia Theory

Surrounded by Life

These three releases should give you a good overview on his musical world (so far). But then, in the end, every Earlyguard release is worth listening to and may impress you with its simplicity, its slowness and its poetry.

One last note: If you dig the epic Haiku as much as I do, make sure not to miss his most cryptic, reduced, minimalistic 180-minutes-release »禅 Zen«.

Since December last year, every month Thomas has been releasing every month (!) an all new, ever surprising and always excellent album, exploring many angles of his musical imagination. I’m looking forward to continue this fascinating travel.

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