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Deafening Opera - Blueprint – #musicmonday No. 36

Great psychedelic/progressive (hard) rock with very strong Seventies-influences by Deafening Opera on their brand new release “Blueprint”. Recommended for fans of Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Blue Öyster Cult, Dream Theater etc.

This stuff really rocks!

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Check out the excellent Unsung Records Free Christmas Compilation 2012 — ambient, experimental, jazz, prog, contemporary classical music by artists such as Tuner, Moonbound, Markus Reuter & Robert Rich, The Redundant Rocker, This Fragile Moment, Yoshi Hampl, Centrozoon, Lee Fletcher, Quartet for the End of Time, Zweiton, Adrian Benavides and Syntony. Free download until the 26th December 2012.

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Gerd Weyhing - Horizontal Reflections

This is a new track by my very dear friend Gerd Weyhing. After having released some very fascinating (and quite proggy) soundscapes, with his new track “Horizontal Reflections” he explores acoustic minimal music loops. This is very fascinating (and if you’re into Robert Fripp, it might will remember you of some Guitarcraft-releases - no wonder, Gerd is a former Fripp pupil)….

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#musicmonday Vol. 25: Fantastic avantgarde prog by Italian band NichelOdeon

NichelOdeon - NOA direct, electric sound, for a 30-minutes album that summarizes the band’s best melodies in an energetic and passionate live performance. No strings, winds and ethnic instruments, but drums, bass, guitars, sax, keys anc Claudio Milano’s extraordinary voice to move your feet and imagination!

"NO" is the perfect introduction to this band’s world, true "praggressive" Rock. With this release, NichelOdeon prove to be the true heirs of Italian prog legends Area.

Direct downloads here:

(Source: claudiomilano.it)

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#musicmonday Vol. 22: (Progressive) Rock from Italy by Sintesi

If you like Italian rock music with a hint of more complex progressive rock influences, then you will be glad to discover Sintesi (Synthesis). The classic four piece line up features Rino Arminio (bass & vocals), Gianni Catalano (drums, percussion), Paolo Garzotto (guitars) and Andrea Rolfini (keyboards). Their latest release »Terra di confine« was produced as a straightforward “live in studio” production and highlights some very fine guitars, bass and vocals.

Download this
This album on jamendo.com

(Source: italia-blog.de)

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Music by Prog/Fusion-guitarist Barry Cleveland as “Pay what you want”-download

Frustrated by the inferior quality of pirate downloads, US-guitarist Barry Cleveland sells all of his releases from now on as “Pay what you want”-downloads on his bandcamp page. Do yourself a favour and don’t miss them! Fusion, world music & prog at it’s best featuring superb musicians like Michael Manring, Celso Alberti, Michael Pluznick, Carl Weingarten, Amy X Neuburg, Lou Maxwell Taylor and Michael Masley and many more.

His last release “Hologramatron” (A 21st Century protest record with songs featuring biting, sometimes brutal, commentary on the state of the Western world. A musical response to contemporary social, political, and even spiritual realities.) was my favourite prog album last year - by far! Give it a try - his previous releases present an eclectic mix of world music, jazz, prog, drones and improvisations. Please be fair, pay a little, if you can afford it and spread the word.

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